Wednesday, June 17, 2009


by the strings of our hearts.
my incredible mom came to visit these past days. she was refreshing and calm, as we are beaten down, 'chewed up and spit out by a city' as matthew so poetically told her. she was generous, and embodied smiling love with spiked hair and blue eyes. she and i don't always understand our relationship, nor how we should or want to act, but we are figuring things out as age kisses us into wrinkles and maturity. and i hope every mother and child can have that same blossom experience. hibiscus orange perhaps.

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  1. Debb-asaurus!! Very cool to see you and your mom down there and even better to hear your Blossoming experience. Ironic: Just planted an orange hibiscus plant a couple weeks ago in front of the house. Weeiirrd. Can't wait to see you!