Sunday, May 2, 2010

The (Art) (Stress) of Waiting for Mail

I've waited all late Winter and Spring for my grad school acceptance letters. I know how it feels to wait. And then wait some more. Anticipation grows, and every day has the possibility to be Christmas. In the meantime I've begun to write letters to my friends across the country and across the city. I write to those I know, and hope to meet new along the way. Growing up and finding my path(s), I've taken to finding solace in the simplicity of paper and pen, horizons and sunsets, and wide open spaces. Finding tiny surprises in small towns, smiles from strangers on lonely roads, and letters waiting in mailboxes from friends I just met on my last adventure. Their letters beat me home. These little pieces of paper bouncing in the back of a mail truck, so excited to be opened. I love getting mail. It's been a slow start, and I have my Grandma and my love to thank for some wonderful mail, but like everything that's good, you have to wait for it.