Monday, January 18, 2010

she wakes when she dreams; dirty website and gre studying

in my sea of sentences, paragraphs, math formulas, charts & graphs, and essay questions, i've discovered a myriad of new studying techniques. i have never been great at test taking, and am still not sure this test is going to measure anything that I can't show you i'm good at with a song & dance or photograph & poem. But that is not my decision, and i'll join the circus someday anyways.
but in these past months, hundreds of new, crazy, beautiful, and intricate words roll through my mind... in my sleep, in wake, in dreams, and in silent long drives home. most of them have been hard to absorb without almost literally just drinking them. but a brilliant website stumbled past my attention, and it has helped my overwhelmed mind retain some of this new knowledge, with a little filth in memorization.

Thank you to every one that has supported me, and check it out.