Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Children's Eyes

after a ceaseless night of rain, a morning train, two-mini vans and a really muddy moto ride/quicksand romp, matthew and i arrived at the light blue gate of Casa do Caminho, an orphanage in the jungle, just outside of Xerem.

we came to meet new people, to learn, to explore, and to help. we both took pictures of the beauty that we saw, he with his digital 35mm camera and me with my film medium format. the children range from four to nineteen years-old, and live in three different houses. they are placed there through court order and are taken in with open arms and genuine love. they are shy and nervous, they are happy and welcoming, curious, rambunctious and most importantly they are just children. they are beautiful and have the biggest eyes i have ever seen. i wonder what they are thinking, and hoping that when i develop the film i remember that moment and those thoughts, and see something i may have missed through the lens. can't wait to have access to a darkroom.

here are a few taken with my digital camera, the ones that were nice but didn't quite make the film cut.

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  1. Is that a familiar camera I see in the hands of a curious child? I can't wait to see what you have captured on film. I've been viewing your and Mathew's photos on a fairly regular basis and can only imagine the sights, sounds and smells you are experiencing. Way to go!
    Gram H