Wednesday, May 25, 2011

24 Hours, Hundreds of Photographers, One Photo Center

I have been working on a event for the Photo Center NW, a crazy cool nonprofit organization dedicated to photography and community in Seattle. The event is called Long Shot, and is a 24-Hour Photo Marathon where you shoot for 24 hours (although sleep deprivation is not required) with any camera, any where! You pledge 24 dollars, which supports the Photo Center, and then after the shoot you have approximately a month to submit your photos, frame the chosen one(s), and then send that to the Photo Center for us to hang in our exhibition that is a culmination of everyone's work. We sell the photos at a big crazy party celebration and the proceeds go to the Photo Center. It's a great chance to not only have your photography exhibited and sold, but to be part of a community, no matter where you are.

It sounds complicated, but it's really not. The Photo Center NW website can explain it a bit better than my rambling words can, but ultimately what it is is hundreds of photographers, or people who appreciate photography but really have nothing more than an iphone, being creative and seeing the world and their community through the eye of a lens for a day.

I hope you think about signing up to be a part of this creative spark, it not only tickles the creative brain, the event benefits the Photo Center and Seattle photography/education community.

Sign-Up Here

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