Friday, September 24, 2010

Casa Do Caminho

After nearly 15 months, I finally have some tangible product from the dozens upon dozens of rolls of 120 film I shot while in Brazil. These are some of the photos, taken with my grandmothers twin lens medium format camera. They are of children and young adults that reside(d) at Casa Do Caminho, a nonprofit orphanage located in Xerém, a jungle town three hours outside of Rio. Casa Do Caminho is supported in part by the language center in Rio de Janeiro where I took Portuguese classes. I spent a number of weekends horsing around, and learning from these tireless kids. The energy and love that emanated from this community was contagious, and indescribable. I will put up more as they are printed and scanned.


  1. Love them all but especially the balcony one...thought you had two pictures side-by-side. Love it!
    Glad to see the hiking shots too. I know that weird feeling being in a burned out area. We had it in Australia and it's an awesome sensory experience.

  2. I liked the ropey boy playing what I can only assume is foosball.

    And the jars. And the braiding ones, especially the young copy cat.

  3. Hi !

    Thanks for talking about Casa Do Caminho on Your blog !

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