Monday, August 30, 2010

bed and breakfast. and a busy couple weeks.

it was a half refurbished 60 foot sailboat, and we stayed in the front room that was described as the "honeymoon room". you couldn't call it a suite, because i couldn't even stand up in it, but the bed certainly took up the majority of the room. the owners were a retired couple from austria, who held good cheer and educational conversation with us our entire stay. the weekend was a busy one, but i was grateful for the inter mitten relaxation that the boat and it's sun deck offered us. grandma, you would have loved it.

yesterday we went rock climbing in snoqualmie in the foggy seattle morning. this past saturday we were tickled with some bluegrass at the local bar, and i've had a whirlwind of class and homework for the past two weeks. now i am getting ready for a visit from the novak fantastic four.

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