Monday, July 12, 2010

Dog Poop

Walking Nora this morning she decided she couldn't hold it anymore and pooped on the sidewalk. She likes to walk, sometimes in circles, while she is in the act. I picked up the little brown culprits, threw them away, and waited to cross the street. A white Nissan came around the corner, and a lady smiled out of her car window, projecting her voice across the passenger seat, told me that i had missed a piece. Flabbergasted. What? Huh? Words did not come, so I said "thanks lady". I guess I'm not in Illinois anymore.


  1. i had to read this a second time to realize she wasnt mad at you, but rather, being helpful.


    west coasties. god love 'em.

  2. Love the Brown Culprits! There are plenty of additional culprits from the 4 ringleaders in my backyard...

    Now the ladie's hair - were they tight little brown curls? Yeah, you kow who I'm talking about ;-)

    anyway, you should moon her next time and ask if she wants a fresh one haha