Friday, June 11, 2010

wake up (the art of focus)

i don't find comfort in knowing that i am not the only one with a seemingly diminishing attention span. obsessively checking email while working, texting while driving, blogging while brushing my teeth, twittering while taking a shit. all of these things effectively affect my ability to read books, to have lengthy and educated conversations, to listen, to focus, to retain, and i can feel my brain cells sleeping.

the New York Times book review sunday section had a review of Nicholas Carrs' The Shallows. initially i found it depressing, but there is motivation in such a feeling. and i am going to find what has been lost along the relatively short path we call technology.

check it out


  1. As an aging women who has been involved in the IT world since 1968, I am still amazed at the speed of changes that have occurred. I mourn the loss of physical contact amongst friends, talking and crying over coffee(or other drinks). I too have fallen prey to technologies effects, no longer staying in touch with those who don't use email. I used to pick up the phone and call my sisters and friends, sadly, now it's only if there is an arrangement to make.

  2. Asking for forgiveness is better than permission?

    The broom, the mechanical aspect of the human with multiple personalities, the questioning individual at the base - small, alone.

    I couldnt resist. I will take it down at your request my dear. Right now it makes me happy and not much else does.