Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two Brothers Foundation


As you may know, We are volunteering at the Two Brothers Foundation and will be
teaching photography classes to young children in the largest favela
in South America called Rochina. This is a community run by drug
traffickers and there is an alarming sense of lawlessness in the area.
For many of these children, these classes are a way to keep out of
the gangs, find inspiration, and discover the possibility of seeing
life outside of Rocinha, through the lens of a camera.

During our time here, we hope to introduce basic camera functionality,
compositional techniques, and the importance of storytelling through
the still image. We will be supplying the students with cameras we so
gracefully lugged here and film to photograph different themes through
Rochina every week. If you have any old cameras, film, or equipment,
books, etc. that you would like to donate we would greatly appreciate
this. In addition, if any of you could spare any monetary donations
to help cover the costs of supplies and developing, we have set up a
paypal account that you may transfer your much appreciated donations.
We can't stress enough how much even small amounts will help. Thank
you for your thoughts, donations, and time.

Paypal Account: matthew.photo@gmail.com

With love,
Matthew and Terry

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