Tuesday, March 31, 2009

questions of life, of censorship

How do you teach photography to children and adults who live in a community run by local gangs that find photography and the idea of documentation, incriminating? A culture with a structure that will do everything in their power to keep you from taking a picture of something that you weren't even aware was wrong?

How? The waters are higher than I had first measured. I may be in over my head.


  1. Hey sweetheart. Maybe you don't teach it as documentation at first. Maybe its just the process, this magical thing, like words. Then later its the stories. Maybe its like about color, or shape or photographing a sound; never portraits of people or anything that will get them in trouble or suspect. Maybe its about things, before its about people. That works well with my kids. Its a little safer for the artist, less intimidating to take photos of a favorite space, or line/color/texture, or some such more neutral thing. Meet the culture where it might share the values....sounds, colors, movement, tastes, rather than evidence.

  2. get them out of the neighborhood. not only will they be able to photograph whatever the f (stop) they want, they will experience more than their own daily surroundings